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We take your ideas and turn them into applications.

ValarPro is a custom mobile and web application development company. We work with organizations to build innovative custom solutions to solve their unique customer needs or business challenges by using best of what mobile and web technologies have to offer in a cost effective manner.

Requirement Analysis

Product Design

Mobile Application Development

Web Application Development

System Integration

Quality Assurance

Project Management

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Requirement Analysis

Our analysts and engineers work with you construct concrete requirements from your ideas before development begins. This ensures the developers have a strong base to start their work.

Product Design

Our analysts create wireframes to visualize the user experience based on the requirements. This provides the stakeholders to get a feel for how the app will function before development begins.

Web Application Development

Our developers jump into implementing the requirements into a working web application. You get to see your product in action.

System Integration

A major part of our work involves getting the apps we build to talk to different systems in an and sometimes outside of the organization.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team members use automation and manual end-to-end testing to assure the quality of your product or solution.

Project Management

We manage the project to keep it under budget, deliver on time and keep you informed of the progress.





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