Major TV Network - R&D


Major TV Network Group Research & Development department had a requirement to implement a scientific and highly complex simulation program.  The outcome of this simulation program had a big financial impact on their business.


ValarPro engaged with their R&D scientist to implement the simulation software.  This wasn’t our normal structured product development engagement. There was no UI/UX.  There was no Database. There was a lot of research, trial and error required to deliver the desired results.  This project also had a firm deadline that the client had no control to adjust.

Solution & Execution

Our analyst spent many days working with the scientists to understand the science behind the requirement.  Our flexibility allowed us to patiently work through several trials until we got the desired results. We had to develop this software as a self testing program due to the large amounts of simulation scenarios.  This software would have been impossible for a human tester to test in the time we had to complete this project.

Once the simulation program was finalized we developed a multi threaded, parallel processing system in the cloud to run 1000s of simulations.  We are were able to complete the project well before the firm deadline.