Document Process Automation

Document Process Automation

Use AI to Automate Document Processing

“AI is an essential technology that every enterprise must implement in its applications to stay competitive.” ~Forrester Research

The world runs on documents whether digital or hard-copy. Documents convey agreements, transmit information, notify parties, and bring order and structure to business. AI in the form of OCR for text extraction combined with natural language processing for understanding can pull important information such as terms, pricing, and much more to automate actions in business processes and route to the right people to handle exceptions. Wherever a document, however simple or rich, enters a business process, there is a potential use case for document process automation. Combined with machine translation, this can be even more powerful for global organizations.


  • Handle large volumes of unstructured data
  • Eliminates slow, error-prone manual work by your employees to save time and improve data accuracy
  • Respond quickly to new opportunities without adding staff
  • Lower cost

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