Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Why must your website be mobile friendly?

There are overwhelming statistics on how users are increasingly using their mobile devices to browse the internet.  There are more than 10 billion mobile devices in the world.  While the population in the entire world as of March 2020 is 7.8 billion.

More importantly if you are a retails business then research shows that even when shopping at your physical store people still use their mobile phone to review and compare prices of goods before buying them.

Google search will reward businesses that have mobile friendly websites over those that don’t.  So if you are a restaurant but don’t have a mobile friendly site but your competitors do then Google will show their websites higher on their search results then yours.

Here are some statistics to stress how important it is to have a mobile friendly site.

“In the USA, 94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones. Interestingly, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, places where desktop computers are likely to be present.” – Google

“82% of shoppers browse ecommerce stores from mobile while in-store” – Omnicore

“62% of shoppers compare prices from mobile devices before buying” – LinkedIn

“53% of global online traffic comes from mobile devices” – Statista

“57% U.S. online traffic comes from mobile devices” – BrightEdge

“$1 trillion in spending offline was influenced by mobile in 2018” – Biznessapps

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